Friends of Fox Spring will...

Friends of Fox Spring will soon have a contract with DOT&PF and fund the spring by the donations of our supporters.

We have deposited over $10,000 in donations to date. Donations can be received online or offline by check or other arrangement. Contact Melinda Harris for assistance, 907-378-6744. There are over 2,000 regular Fox Spring water users. If each user were to donate $25 a year, we would easily fund year-around operation of Fox Spring. DOT&PF estimates indicate a full fiscal year costs $50,000. We'll need $40,000 to provide all-season operation of Fox Spring. Thank you!

Getting water at Fox Spring.



water not running?

I had a call tonight, from a man named Tim from Goldstream.... he got my number from the notice to call for more envelopes to make donations. He said there were no envelopes, and the mechanism seems to have no power? Any one know what is going on? I will deliver more envelopes tomorrow or Wed.


water not running

Hi Karyn, please forgive me, I had overlooked your question here. When mechanical or electrical issues occur at the Fox Spring site, only DOT can remedy. Call Alaska DOT&PF for Fox Spring: 907-451-2204

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